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Latest News

New release of Flatdata SQL

Flatdata SQL is latest conversion engine to export CSV data into SQL database, such as MYSQL and MS-SQL. This software release provides more powerful data filtering & validation process. It comes with some tools to simplify SQL database configuration.Read more

PLC Datalogger

In factory automation, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) has provided most of hardware controlling and data monitoring. In order to keep track of what is happening in the fields, the data logger will record & save every process transactions and let the engineers to analyse the process data later. Read more

About Flatware

Flatware appreciates the whole BAD team members and our customers who make the big contribution to our progress. Since 2006, Flatware has been creating cool PLC applications, reporting softwares and datalogger applications in many industries, such as chemical, food, printing, oil, warehouse, etc.

Many of our team members and customers have suggested software ideas and spotted things that could be better too. Over the years we've found some great people to join the BAD team. Most of them actually decided to stick around and develop the great software application.

Established in 2006, Flatware has grown to become a player of industrial automation, real-time intelligence. Flatware products are complemented by professional services , customer support and training.