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Flatdata SQL *** Latest release !

Flatdata SQL has a comprehensive set of features to allow you to export the CSV data into SQL database. We have released the Flatdata SQL to support SQL-Express and MS-SQL. The new software release provides more powerful data filtering & validation during CSV data exporting process and SQL database, table handling tools. Read more

PLC Logger (Lite Edition)

The primary usage of PLC Logger is for performing data collection from OPC servers and save OPC tags data into CSV files. Read more

Flatdata 1.56D

Flatdata 1.56D is a CSV to MS-Access data conversion software. It has a powerful data handling and filtering mechanism to validate the data processing. It is a free software. Read more

Flatdata SQL (Lite Edition) - The SQL database conversion software.

Flatdata SQL is the latest software to convert CSV data into SQL databases like SQL-Express and MS-SQL. Flatdata SQL engine has been designed to process & analyse the data faster than its previous software releases. Moreover, the latest Flatdata SQL release has provided user with several powerful tools to create and verify the SQL database consistency.

Flatdata SQL (Lite Edition) is a free to use software. The Lite Edition release will support 80,000 SQL transactions and user needs to restart Flatdata SQL engine, in order to reset the transaction counter.

User can upgrade Flatdata SQL (Lite Edition) to Professional Edition which provides unlimited SQL transaction.

Hardware requirements:

- Intel Pentium processor; Pentium 3 or higher processor.
- Windows XP or higher operating systems.
- 256 MB of RAM or higher.
- .NET Framework 3.5 or higher version to be installed at your computer.
- Minimun 1GB of harddisk space.
- VGA or higher resolution monitor. Super VGA recommended.

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